The John Scofield Uberjam Band

The John Scofield Uberjam Band


The Festy gives us a unique experience to reach out to our all-time heroes, and John Scofield is high on that list. One of the greatest improvisers ever, Scofield has worked with everyone from jazz giants Miles Davis and Chet Baker, to jam-legends Phil Lesh and Medeski Martin & Wood (the list is so long). Most amazing is the constant evolution of this legendary career. Scofield is the ultimate intersection of integrity music and crowd-inspired improvisation, and we could not be more psyched to have him at the Festy.



John Scofield’s guitar work has influenced jazz since the late 70’s and is going strong today. Possessor of a very distinctive sound and stylistic diversity, Scofield is a masterful jazz improviser whose music generally falls somewhere between post-bop, funk edged jazz, and R & B. After leading and writing for various funky bands in the 80′s and recording and performing with MMW in the 90′s, Scofield started the Uberjam project in 2000. Once he found super rhythm guitarist Avi Bortnick, he played with various bass and drum teams searching for the right chemistry and found it for two cds…Grammy Nominated Uberjam and Up All Night.   The Uberjam sound starts with compositions written for his lead guitar, Avi’s funky rhythm guitar and sampled loops in front of electric bass and drums. The project has been reunited in 2013 for the May release of a new recording – Überjam Deux and worldwide touring.